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Dear Willa, I love you.

And you know it behbeh

For the girl who made me cry
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Dear Willa,

Hey baby- I know you've been feeling down. I guess you've taken this whole "emo" thing a little too far. But whatever, you know that we all will love you. Especially MOI. And I'm sure that this community will thrive, and love for you and from you shall be spread.
In fact, I promise.
And you can tear my heart out, or slit my wrists, or do whatever you feel is necessary if I'm wrong.
But I'm sure I won't be. Amy's always right.

Love and sex from your number 1 ho,

This community is for Willarae Culpepper. You can look at her journal bulletpoint if you want to. And when you're done, please leave a message for her here to prove how much you love her. Kthxbye