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Dear Willarae/Bitch/Whatever,

I started this for you. I'm writing this for you. You are one of the most amazing and truly inspiring people I've ever met, and I guess I kind of wanted everybody to see that finally. I miss you. Betcha didn't know THAT.

Your writing is so incredible, it's brought me to tears. Your strength is admirable, your determination. And I guess sometimes people don't see that. Sometimes you're weak. Sometimes I'm weak. Sometimes we find ourselves turning only to each other. And often we can't help ourselves. But that's what a real friendship is about. Trying your best, loving people for who they are, seeing fault in them, and most of all... being there.

I think I met you too late. I could have done with you when my dad had cancer. I would have loved to have known you through my suicidal period in Year 6 (oh, so long ago). But I haven't really changed. I'm so glad our paths eventually crossed. If it wasn't for the notorious London Gossip, we probably wouldn't have met. But I'm so glad we did. Because you have really taught me a lot about myself, and I hope I've taught you something.

Sometimes I despair in you, you often really make me frustrated. And other times I'm afraid for you, I feel so much compassion it's almost hard to bear.

I know we've both said nasty things to each other, this friendship has been up and down countless times. We're very different, and yet so similar, and that's why it's hard. But I've never really felt that it would stop. Ever.

And that's why I need to see you, and that's why this is written down here. That's why I love you more than you could ever know.

From your favourite whore,



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